So, this group SOUNDS good...but what do you actually DO?

We are so glad you asked that question! First and foremost, it is important to remember that we are currently in our first year of existence. We have many fantastic goals for the future, but most of our effort thus far has been put into ensuring that these goals are going to be reachable. Since the Davis symposium, the board has been working to lay down the foundation to make sure that this organization stays on the right track.

OK, so what does that actually mean? I mean, for me?

Starting in 2012, there will be much more going on that you can participate in! We will be at the SAVMA symposium in 2012 (Purdue University, March 15-17). Join us for our national meeting, as well as social gatherings and more! Details will follow as soon as the schedule is figured out.

Uh what are these 'goals' exactly?

It depends on where you're coming from! We'll break down the goals into three main categories depending on the student interested in what we have to offer them:

Pre-Veterinary Students

We will be a center focus for pre-veterinary students to come to for information on LGBT issues in veterinary school. Whether we're the first or the last website you stumble upon in your search, we'll be able to point you in the direction of organizations at prospective schools, put you in touch with contacts to ask more specific questions about the campus environment, or simply provide a community here for you to get support and have questions answered by current veterinary students.

Veterinary students

Looking for what there is at your school? You can find the answers under our resources section! Looking for friends at other schools? We've got members all over the country! Hoping for some help developing LGBT programming at your school? We're getting together materials to help with that search and implementation. Just looking for some fun students to hang out with at Symposium and other conferences? Well, that's our specialty...

And if you're new to this whole thing, feel free to get in touch with any of the board members - we're all available to give support or a sympathetic ear. We won't tell anyone who you are. Sometimes all you need is to talk to someone who's been there before.

Recent graduates/Interns/Residents

First off, if you're not technically in the trenches of veterinary school, we're assuming you've joined the LGVMA...haven't yet? They're a great organization, so go check out their link. That being said, sometimes that transitory period between school and profession can sort of slip through the cracks. We've got you covered! Part of our goal is to aid in the transition period between school and work - whether that's information on being 'out' on applications, how to find an LGBT-friendly clinic without outing yourself, or even where to go for support when you're in that stage of life.